I became a student of movement very early in my life.  I have been teaching movement since I was 17 years old.

I am based in Vancouver, BC.  I teach at Modus Operandi, Working Class, Harbour Dance and occasionally at Ballet BC.  I teach a contemporary technique centre class.  The class is a synthesis of all of the ideas and movement practices that currently fascinate me.  I am inspired by my teachers Alison Denham (Pilates), Justine A. Chambers, Emmalena Fredriksson (contemporary dance) and Delia Brett (Yoga), amongst many others. Usually my class will start gently on the floor and build in verticality and intensity.  The class loosely follows a traditional progression.  Pliés, tendus, rond de jambes and battements are still on the table sometimes.  At times we dance quite specifically to the music, and sometimes dancers will find their own phrasing.

I want to help dancers develop their proprioception (understanding where all of their body parts are in space and in relationship to their other body parts).  I want to help dancers understand how to find new possibilities for movement and stability in the areas of the pelvis/femurs and the ribcage/scapulae. I want to give movers a more accurate map of their anatomical structures and then immediately make the information relevant through a  movement experience. I want to give dancers the tools to make simple, clear, precise decisions.

Kate Franklin in "Gotta Go Church" by Valerie Calam. Photo by  Jeremy Mimnagh.

Kate Franklin in "Gotta Go Church" by Valerie Calam. Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh.