"Kate Franklin's yoga classes were the best part of my week. She strikes a beautiful balance between encouraging you to try new poses and expand your range of movement, and making sure every class is relaxing and rejuvenating in the very best way. There are still days when I hear Kate's voice in my ear telling me to have compassion for myself, and it never fails to make me smile.”     - Liz Green, Toronto                                                                                                     

"Your classes are always a treat for me. I think it has to do with your teaching style - very relaxed and warm  with this underlying depth of knowledge and experience." - S.M., Vancouver

"Kate's yoga class was at our workplace every Thursday morning at 7:30 am for three years. At first I was nervous, but Kate put all of us in the class at ease. We were all at different places in our practice (I was a beginner) and she worked with each of us as unique, helping us to deepen parts of our practice each week. She has that rare ability to help you progress, without ever pushing. What I love about Kate is that she's warm and funny, we laughed a lot in our class. It made our workplace happier. Sometimes Kate would share a couple lines of a poem or a thought on which we might meditate at the end of the class. Every week built on the week prior; Kate put a lot of thought into each class. Beyond the physical practice, I learnt a great deal through Kate about trust, vulnerability and letting go."     - Jennifer Green, Toronto