I have been passionate about movement and alignment for almost my entire life.  I received my first professional-level movement training at the Quinte Ballet School in Ontario, graduating in 1999, and I have been a professional contemporary dance artist ever since.  I began practicing yoga because I found it to be a good complement to my dancing.  The steadiness, stillness and balance of yoga appealed to me, as did the invitation to practice non-attachment to the results.  Realizing that I wished to share this movement system with others, I completed my 200-hour Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Since then I have been teaching yoga in a variety of different settings, from small neighbourhood yoga studios, to gyms, to offices and one-on-one in private sessions. In early 2015 I certified to teach Pilates Mat Work with my teacher Anita Seiz and have been incorporating elements of this work into my yoga classes. I love to guide people toward a deeper understanding of and connection to their bodies. My curiosity about movement and the body drives me, and I cultivate my own education through daily movement classes, workshops and reading.